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Delivering an outside perspective to realise your true business potential

In this challenging business environment, we can support you in defining your business strategy and the essential steps towards delivery, using our practical, hands on and common sense approach, combined with our effective planning tools and business models.


Phase One: The Discovery (Knowledge before assumption)

Putting knowledge before assumption means we make recommendations from a position of “we know” rather than “we think”. We read, listen, spend time with you and your team, and get to know your business. Being inclusive yet independent, ensures recommendations are grounded in fact and are therefore objective, so we can form a solid base from which to move forward and develop your strategy.

We will look at where you want to take your business in the future using relevant business models:

Phase Two: Build (Strategy before tactics)

Only when your business objectives and recommendations have been agreed, will we move onto phase two together – building the plan.

The plan is aligned to 4 key areas; Financial, Operational, Talent and Brand. We will work with you on how to develop your key priorities and milestones, which will then lead on to production of your one page high-level project planner.

The project planner will detail “what” exactly needs to be achieved in the next 12 months and crucially outline the “how”.

Phase Three: Execution (Knowledge into Action)

Here we help you take the knowledge, recommendations and project plan, and embed and drive them through the business, engaging your team.

We will oversee and support you in delivering all areas of the overall project, making sure key milestones are adhered to.

Additional support will be available for Training, Brand and Recruitment as necessary.

Phase Four: Future Proof (The Commitment)

Lead Talent will continue to work in partnership with your Senior Leadership team, increasing their competencies and agreeing a company scorecard / dashboard. Monthly operational meetings and quarterly reviews will ensure momentum and on time delivery of objectives aligned to the strategy.



Case studies of our proven track record

Lead Talent has a proven track record, our approach has delivered significant and quantifiable results for major companies throughout the UK.

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