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Inspire people, communicate focus and coach performance

Developing your Leadership team and the people around you provides immeasurable strength to your overall strategic business plan and ensures you can deliver on your business objectives.

We can provide expertise across a broad spectrum of leadership areas and can develop a series of individually tailored interventions including:

Leadership Consultancy

We can help you increase your organisations effectiveness by developing and implementing inspirational leadership development programmes.

Your programme will be aligned with your overall strategic vision delivering powerful and often transformational results for your business

Leadership Assessment

Self-awareness is an essential element of a leaders skill set.

We will work in partnership with you using a broad range of assessment and diagnostic tools including 360 Feedback and Psychometric testing to measure and understand behaviour and shape and improve competencies.

Leadership Coaching & Mentoring

There are times when providing a new or existing key leader or high-potential up-and-comer with specialised and focused attention can pay dividends, not just for the individual, but for the organisation as well.

Personalised Leadership Coaching and Mentoring can help shorten “learning curves,” illuminate “blind spots,” and enhance the performance of an important contributor by considerably accelerating the acquisition of new insights, skills and behaviours.

Succession Planning

Recruiting, managing and retaining those individuals who are of particular value to your business in view of their ‘high potential’ for the future.

Leadership Training

Following on from the assessment phase, we can also provide you with a range of training modules to support your leadership development and take you from good to exceptional.


Case studies of our proven track record

Lead Talent has a proven track record, our approach has delivered significant and quantifiable results for major companies throughout the UK.

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