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icon-rocketTime constraints and depleting budgets can often push marketing down your priority list. Not only that, finding the best ways to speak to your customers in a compelling way is not always easy.

However, effective brand management should always be a fundamental part of any successful business strategy.

Lead Talents brand and marketing services are structured to support SME’s who may perhaps have limited internal marketing resource but still want to grow their business and their brand.

By providing expert marketing support combined with a flexible and straight talking approach, we can help your business generate and convert more sales opportunities by ensuring your marketing is reaching the right people, at the right time, with the right message.


Phase One: The Discovery

Putting knowledge before assumption means we make recommendations from a position of “we know” rather than “we think”. We read, listen, spend time with you and your team, and get to know your business. Being inclusive yet independent, ensures recommendations are grounded in fact and are therefore objective, so we can form a solid base from which to move forward and develop your marketing strategy.


Phase Two: The Plan

Only when the business objectives and recommendations have been agreed, will we move onto phase two – building the plan. We will work with you on how to develop your key priorities and milestones often using a project planner. The project planner will detail “what” needs to be achieved in the next 12 months and also outline the “how”.


Phase Three: The Delivery

Here we take the knowledge, recommendations and project plan, and embed and drive them through the business, whilst engaging your team. We will support you to deliver all areas of the overall project and oversee the project every step of the way, making sure key milestones are adhered to. Additional support will be available for training and recruitment as necessary.


Phase Four: The Commitment

This is the most critical phase. Lead Talent will continue to work with you developing a road map featuring a series of check points to ensure you maintain momentum and deliver on your marketing and brand objectives.

"We have been working with Jenny Holmes of Lead Talent for the past 6 months, the transformation in all areas of our marketing has been outstanding"

Jane Austin, Operations Manager ~ Key Fund

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“We have been working with Jenny Holmes of Lead Talent for the past 6 months, the transformation in all areas of our marketing has been outstanding.

She brings an expertise, professionalism and attention to detail that is second to none. Her approach was clear and no nonsense, a rare thing in marketing in my experience.

A very clear focus on the outcomes needed and how that supports the delivery of the strategy of the organisation.

She has introduced us to third party suppliers that we have engaged on the strength of her recommendation which has also proved very successful.

We look forward very much to continue with the next phase of work with her.”

Jane Austin, Operations Manager ~ Key Fund

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