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Fit for the future

icon-brainMany companies contact Lead Talent requesting support with Executive assessments and Evaluations.

These assessments and evaluations enable companies to identify exactly the right person for a key role, understanding their skills and competencies and ensure they will be a good ‘fit’ for the team and wider organisation.

These assessments provide an independent measure of a person’s competencies, abilities, personality and motivations and are found to be the strongest predictor of future job performance.

Our team of professional are fully qualified to implement assessments and deliver feedback at both management and board level.

These assessments enable employers to understand and build a complete picture of the person and assess their suitability for a role using an objective and somewhat scientific approach.

Not only that, they truly are a long-term investment in your people and they are incredibly useful when used as part of an appraisal or training and development programme. Visit our case study area and read some of the developmental success stories that have stemmed from these assessments.

Lead Talent often work with teams and individuals in completing assessments so we can identify key skills and gather valuable insights into individual strengths and development areas, as well as seeing how the team works together as a collective. These assessments can effectively shape the training and development plans for the future of an organisation ensuring its ‘fit for the future’.

Psychometric Assessments are often used as one part of the recruitment process alongside application forms, CVs, assessment centre exercises and of course interviews.


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